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Customer Reviews

Wonderful Teepee! The canvas quality is exceptional and it is easy to put up and down. It stores in a canvas sack that you can carry as a sling over your shoulder. My 2 year old grandson loves it!

- Amazon customer
My daughter really enjoys this teepee. As soon as it arrived and was set up, she started to "decorate" it and make a cozy space. The teepee is sturdy, spacious, and cute. I also like the carrying bag that accompanies it. It's also easy to assemble.

- Amazon customer
Great teepee! High quality fabric and sturdy design as promised. Love the window detail! Fits in well with our modern decor without making our home look overrun with kid stuff.

- Diane C
Got the blue tent for my 2 and 5 yr old boys and they love it! The tent is made of high quality materials and easy to assemble. First the boys played peek a boo through the window. Then they started bringing toys and books inside. The night ended with them insisting to have their bedtime stories read inside the tent. Think we will get good use out of the tent for years to come.

- Amazon customer
We just received our TeePee today and love it! It was super easy to put together. I think it took me 5 minutes. The kids love everything about it from the cute ties to keep the doors open to the Velcro closure to the handy dandy window. My older child (6) settled in first with all her "camp out" stuff. When the little one (3) came to the scene she said to me very disgruntled, "where's MY tent?". They ultimately found plenty of room inside for them both. I love the look of it. It is roomy inside, but doesn't take up too much space in the family room. It is high quality material and I know it will be so much more durable than the nylon tents we have had in the past and had to throw out after just a few months. Thanks tiny hideaways!

- Penny's mom
We got this teepee for my son, who just turned one. He absolutely loves it. It was easy to put together and the canvas seems sturdy. My son is a very active child, and he hasn't been able to knock the teepee over yet. The window on the side makes for some fun games of peek-a-boo. I am on the small side (around 5 feet tall) and my son and I fit comfortably sitting in the tent together. I am happy with this purchase, but as you can see from the pictures, my son is ecstatic.

- Bobacity
Both our daughter (6) and son (4) love this Teepee! Within 5 minutes, they were already playing inside the Teepee together and making it their own personalized "camp" space. It's super easy to setup and the quality of the fabric used is top notch and by far better than other Teepee's that we've seen at high-end stores. It's a great size that allow multiple kids to play together and not being too large and Charcoal Grey color matches our modern family room decor perfectly. The peek-a-boo window also carrying case is also a great touch. Our kids will definitely spend countless hours playing with this Teepee for years to come! Highly recommended.

This is a great looking teepee and the quality is much better than others on the market. I got the navy stripe design (it does not look too nautical which was what I initially feared when I purchased it). I like how the colors alternate for design at the pole pockets so that it breaks up the stripes. I really like the weight of the canvas - looks like something that can be put outside (even though it's meant for indoors) and not just fly away like the other play tents we have. The design and weight makes me feel like it's something that could easily come from Pottery Barn Kids or Land of Nod or something similar. I LOVE that it easily collapses to store away in a snap. It can easily just lean in the closet. Finally, it was pretty easy to assemble - no tools! Instructions were pretty clear. I did it myself in the living room in 10 minutes. My son loves the teepee and immediately put all his tools inside and set up a mini work bench with an audience of 10 stuffed animals. My parents complimented the teepee right away when they came to visit and grandpa spent hours in the teepee playing with his grandson.

- JLo
My niece and nephews (3, 6, 9 years old) have a blast playing in this teepee, so we got one for our 10 month old daughter. She tends to enjoy hanging out in enclosed places like under our dining room table, so naturally she loves going inside the tent. The window is nice because it lets me peek in on her when the doors our closed, which she finds hilarious. I often find her straining and grunting inside, as it seems like she has made the teepee her favorite place to poop. It seems to be very well constructed and I like that it folds easily to store away when needed.

- Robert L