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10 Ideas for displaying your kids artwork

As moms, we often find our houses over run with the creativity of those little budding artists in our lives. How to save and display each precious memento is often a question of difficulty. So how do we incorporate the style of our home with the artwork of our child?

Hopefully, these 10 decorating ideas below will give you some ideas for your own home!

1. Art Room/Play Room display
If you have a designated room in your house for an art room or play room, this can be a great area to display the kid’s art projects where they feel pride to see their work and you can contain it to one area.

2. Kid’s Teepee
For those of us who do not have that option of an extra room, but would still like to keep the art work to one area, a kid’s teepee makes a great little room to hang artwork!
3. Wires and clips
Displaying their artwork along a wire or board with clips or hanging in a frame by clips or wire makes it easy to quickly change out the art work as your artist’s skills change.

4. Floating wall shelves
These can be placed above a desk or a wall table and make a nice statement in your home.

5. Paint frames on wall
A cute idea for your kid’s room is to paint a frame on the wall or can even use a frame decal and then let your kid draw their art directly on the wall.

6. Fridge frames
Somewhere where you can be sure to see it everyday is your fridge. So take the frame idea, but move it to your fridge. 

7. Studio Roll
Another way to let kid’s be creative with their art and have it readily on display is to use a roll of paper that attaches to your wall and the paper can run through a frame where their art can looked displayed in a frame. An extra bonus is that it might help deter drawing on the wall!
8. Digital Frame
Take pictures of your kid’s art and then have those pictures display in a running collage on a digital frame.

9. Photo Book
A favorite of mine so I can always have a keepsake of my kid’s artwork is to take pictures of it and then each year put together a photo book of those images and see how their skills progress over the years!

    10. Duvet Cover
    Turn your kid’s art drawings into a duvet cover that can be displayed on their bed!

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