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10 Ideas for accessorizing your kids teepee

You probably have already seen the popular trend in children's tents, particularly teepees, in homes across America. Everyone from celebrities to your neighbor down the street has one for their child to laugh, read, create and play in. They have become all the rage among playgroups, parents and children alike...but how can you make your child's just a bit extra special?

Well, just take a look at these top 10 ways to accessorize your child's teepee and make it stand out amongst the crowd.

1. Pillows galore
Teepees are meant to be cozy (hence, the small space). They are designed to be intimate, relaxing and comfortable for the child to be able to read, talk amongst friends and sometimes just simply relax. What better way to foster this relaxing atmosphere than by accessorizing your child's teepee with decorative and creative pillows. Cloud pillows, hearts, campfire designs are all great ways to make your child's teepee inviting and comfortable for him to enjoy for hours of play.

2. String lights
Nothing says come in and play than dazzling lights. Simply string these lights inside and out of your child's tent and prepare for them to go crazy with joy!!

3. Garlands
They can make your child's teepee more visually appealing. Hanging garland along the top can create an inviting entrance for any young person.

4. Rugs
A rug to match your personality gives your tent a touch of flair and comfort.

5. Lighting
Hanging a mini battery operated chandelier or a small lantern from the center can create a special effect for that special little person in your life.

6. Pom Poms
These add fun and texture to your child's tent.

7. Personalization
Personalize your child's teepee to give them a space all of their own. This can be done with fabric paint, stickers, and monograms.

8. Flowers
For little girls, add a beautiful touch to the teepee with their favorite flower

9. Small furry friends
Adding some furry little creatures (stuffed, of course) makes playtime much more interesting.

10. Say it with words
Sayings to hang across your child's teepee adds a special touch

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