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7 Ideas for decking the walls

design tips kids bedroom kids playroom kids teepee wall decor

Designing the perfect kid space is at once exciting and panic-inducing. You want something completely unique, stylish but practical, and a room the kids will want to play in. These 7 decorating ideas for kids walls do all that and more!   Let The Walls Be The Canvas source: decohunter Chalkboard walls are 3-time winners for decorating kids room walls. They are practical, fun, simple to clean and can be made in any color your heart desires. Chalkboard walls let kids tap into their imagination and create virtual worlds on the fly. Draw a quick woodland scene, add a few favorite...

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Fun ideas for your kids teepee

hobby indoor camping kids bedroom kids nap time kids sleepover kids teepee tea time

When I was younger, I loved building forts and teepees with all the pillows, blankets, and seat cushions that I could gather around the house. Fortunately, there is now an easier and more stylish option of setting up kid teepees almost anywhere. Now, they can grow their imagination, learn, create, and rest all within their very own teepee play tent. We've loved hearing from customers about how their kids have been enjoying their teepees. Here are just a few ideas that you and your kids will love: Bedroom sanctuary For kids who have trouble sleeping alone or for sleepovers, add...

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Creative ways to foster imagination in kids

creativity imagination kids teepee

We're always looking for ways to spark imagination in our kids. Not only does research show that imaginative play promotes health cognitive growth in children too, it give our kids a good reason to play until their heart’s content! Here are some of our favorite ideas that have helped our kids create their own stories and let their imagination soar: 1. Indoor/Outdoor CampingRemember as a child going camping in your backyard or making a tent in your living room? Recreate those fun memories with your children with a kids teepee and an imaginary fire. Sing songs around the campfire and tell stories with a flashlight in...

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9 Design tips for kids playroom

design tips kids playroom kids teepee

Playrooms start out as basically a blank slate - so where do you begin when furnishing and decorating your playroom? Start by thinking about what kind of activities your kids will be doing in the playroom and make sure to include lots of functional storage. But most importantly, keep the PLAY in playroom and make it fun! 1. Kids TeepeesNo kids playroom is complete without a teepee, tent, or playhouse. Teepees and tents are just such a fun piece to have in a play room. Kids love to play in teepees or tents. Kids teepees make a great hideout, a wonderful...

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