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Fun ideas for your kids teepee

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When I was younger, I loved building forts and teepees with all the pillows, blankets, and seat cushions that I could gather around the house. Fortunately, there is now an easier and more stylish option of setting up kid teepees almost anywhere. Now, they can grow their imagination, learn, create, and rest all within their very own teepee play tent.

We've loved hearing from customers about how their kids have been enjoying their teepees. Here are just a few ideas that you and your kids will love:

Bedroom sanctuary
For kids who have trouble sleeping alone or for sleepovers, add a teepee in their bedroom to become your kids’ private and safe sanctuary. Let your kid help you design the inside with their favorite blankets, pillows and stuffed animals. Consider hanging a mobile in the center. It can be as simple as using a plastic hanger and attaching your child’s favorite photos (e.g., pictures of his family, favorite movies, sport themes, music, pets, etc.).

Hobby studio
Who doesn’t love a dedicated space for their hobbies? Add a small chair or bean bag to your kids teepee, filling the area with paper, pencils, books, and any other favorites. This will help keep your kids focused on the favorite hobbies without being preoccupied or focused on other things going on around them.

Indoor camping
Want to relive those camping trips? Now you can with your kids teepee. Make it a special camping trips with lunch/snack for them to eat, binoculars, and a toy campfire. Pair with a fun camping book.

Sleepovers can be extra fun when you have your own teepee. Add a sign “STAY OUT” and require code words to enter or a special knock.

Tea Time
Tea time isn’t complete without the proper place to serve it, such as a teepee. Tea time is a great way to help put forth the thoughts of making, giving and serving their loved ones, while also learning etiquette and feeling proud to give to the people they love.

Nap time
Turn the stress of nap time into a time that kids love, using his or her teepees as their own special place. So instead of them not wanting to rest, now they’ll be excited to.
Have a story you want to share about your kids and their teepees? We’d love to hear from you.

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