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10 Birthday party ideas for boys

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Boys parties can be difficult to plan. There are countless options – so many as to be overwhelming. Where should you begin?

Well, our customers tell us that kids teepees have become popular birthday gifts for their little ones. Some have shared their great birthday party ideas for their little girls, so we wanted to hear about ideas for boys too. 

1. Character theme
Some moms may be a little hesitant to throw a character party, because aesthetically speaking, it can be a little too much. But character parties can be tastefully done! Stick with a coordinating color scheme and sprinkle in a few character embellishments. Star Wars Legos make excellent decorations or favors! Take a look at this Star Wars party, the only “character” items were a giant balloon and a cake topper. Simple is good!

2. Sports party
Boys love sports! And the possibilities for a sports party are endless: football, baseball, golf, soccer, basketball, all of the above! Favors for this party would be super easy – just mini soccer balls or basketballs or baseballs. You can find them in bouncy ball variety. Sure to be a hit with little boys.

3. Camping
Move the kids teepee outside for a camping theme party. Rustic décor with lots of greenery would be perfect for a camping party. Serve s’mores over a kid safe campfire – with lots of adult help!

4. Game party
Does your son love Minecraft? Or MarioKart? Build a party around his favorite game! Minecraft is easy – just make everything square!

5. Favorite book party
What’s his favorite book? Is he a little boy who loves If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? Is he an emerging reader who has just started reading Harry Potter? Give everyone a robe and a wand and shout “Expelliarmus!”

6. Pirate party
Give the kids a treasure map with directions to find the buried treasure – your party favors. Hide pirate hats in the kids teepee and send them on the hunt!

7. Automotive party
Boys love automotives. Car, trucks, vans, dump trucks, excavators, garbage trucks… You name it, boys love it. Serve a “dirt cake” from the back of a toy dump truck. Give out Hot Wheels as a party favor. Get a vintage car cookie cutter and make car cookies. The possibilities are endless.

8. Superhero party
What little boy doesn’t want to be a super hero? I’ll answer that for you – they all want to be superheroes. Favors could be a cape and a mask that they get at the start of the party that would double as entertainment – imaginative play for the win.

9. Dinosaur party
Set up a dino-dig for the kids! Fill a small sandbox with sand and bury some “fossils.” Give the kids a fossil excavating kit – small shovels and brushes – and set them lose to discover some fossils! Toy dinosaurs also make great table decorations or party favors.

10. Army party
Little boys love to lay with toy soldiers. Invite everyone to dress up in camo and give out little green toy soldiers as party favors.

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