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10 Birthday party ideas for girls

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Girls birthday parties can be so fun to plan, but when you first start the planning process, it can be a little overwhelming – there are endless options! Where do you even begin?

It turns out many of our customers give kids teepees as birthday gifts for their little loved ones, and the teepees have been a great hit at their birthday parties. So we asked our customers for some ideas for girls 3-8 years old.

1. Character parties
Character parties can be way over the top, so many parents shy away from them, but they can definitely be tastefully done. Maybe follow a color scheme that matches the character and use the characters image on cupcake toppers or on the paper plates. For example, a Doc McStuffins party would primarily use a pink and purple color scheme for the balloons or decorations, but you could use Doc McStuffins cupcake toppers on the purple iced cupcakes.

2. Princess parties
Little girls love princesses. Bust out the princess dress up outfits, pass around some tiaras, and have cupcakes. No entertainment needed. The kids will entertain themselves with their imaginative play as princesses.

3. Color theme
What’s her favorite color? Pink? Purple? Both? A very popular color scheme for first birthday parties is pink and gold or blush and gold. This color combo is perfect for your girly girls of any age. It’s very simple and you can go as big or as small as you want when following a color theme. Decorate your mantle with hanging garland or banners in the colors you chose. Have a pink smash cake with a gold cake topper with her name on it. The possibilities are endless.

4. Painting/art party
Painting! What an excellent activity for little ones! And such an easy party to set up. Order some canvases and paint trays from amazon. Set all the kids up along a table and let them go to town! Or if they’re older, have a painting “class.” Have someone teach them how to paint something like a heart canvas or a tree. It’s amazing to see how different, yet similar, everyone’s painting will be. Have them paint the day away!

5. Stuffed animal party
Some little ones L-O-V-E their stuffed animals. What better party theme to have then something they love so much? This is another very simple party idea – scatter stuffed animals around the room and make some tiny party hats for them. Your kids will be delighted to see their stuffed animals in on the fun!

6. Book/reading party
Another great party theme would be to center the party on her favorite books. Have food from those books for your guests to eat. Does she love the book Dragons Love Tacos? Serve Tacos. Does she love If You Give A Mouse A Cookie? Serve cookies. So many picture books and early reader books have food in them. And if her favorites don’t specifically name food, shape food to look like objects in the book! Cookie cutters for the win!

7. Polka dot party
Another super simple but high impact party. All you need are polka dots. Put the polka dots on everything!! Put them on the walls, on the tables, on the kids teepee, on the mantle. Get polka dot plates and polka dot napkins and polka dot straw and polka dot cups. Even polka dot balloons! This in one where you can really go over the top and the kids will really love it.

8. Pancakes and pajamas party
Maybe a mid morning party would suit your schedule better. Have all the kids come in their PJs and have pancakes. You can make all kinds of pancakes – regular, blueberry, chocolate chip, even rainbow if you want to add some food coloring to the batter. Sometimes simple makes the most impact on little ones.

9. Animal theme
Is there an animal your little girl loves? Does she love all animals? Throw an animal theme party. You can do farm animals, and go to a petting zoo or have ponies come to you. You can choose woodland creatures, which is very popular right now and add some new woodland creature stuffed animals to her collection. Decorate around the kids teepee to look like a wooded area, or take the teepee outside. That would be magical.

10. Ice Cream Shop theme
There’s no denying that kids of any age love ice cream. So why not center her party on her favorite food? Have an “ice cream bar” with different flavors and ALL the topping choices. Kids will get a kick out of topping their own ice cream.

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