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7 Ideas for decking the walls

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Designing the perfect kid space is at once exciting and panic-inducing. You want something completely unique, stylish but practical, and a room the kids will want to play in. These 7 decorating ideas for kids walls do all that and more!   Let The Walls Be The Canvas source: decohunter Chalkboard walls are 3-time winners for decorating kids room walls. They are practical, fun, simple to clean and can be made in any color your heart desires. Chalkboard walls let kids tap into their imagination and create virtual worlds on the fly. Draw a quick woodland scene, add a few favorite...

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10 Quick tips for organizing a child’s room or playroom

Ever feel like that a hurricane has taken over your kid’s room or playroom? For our kids, play time seems to mean time to make a mess. Kids rooms and playrooms can become a mess without proper organization. Keeping a functional play space can be a valuable part of play time too, while also providing sanity for the parents. Plus, teaching kids to be a part of organizing their spaces is a skill that can benefit them for a lifetime. Here are some simple tips that you can put into action immediately to get organized and stay that way. 1....

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10 Ideas for displaying your kids artwork

As moms, we often find our houses over run with the creativity of those little budding artists in our lives. How to save and display each precious memento is often a question of difficulty. So how do we incorporate the style of our home with the artwork of our child? Hopefully, these 10 decorating ideas below will give you some ideas for your own home! 1. Art Room/Play Room display If you have a designated room in your house for an art room or play room, this can be a great area to display the kid’s art projects where they...

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10 Ideas for accessorizing your kids teepee

You probably have already seen the popular trend in children's tents, particularly teepees, in homes across America. Everyone from celebrities to your neighbor down the street has one for their child to laugh, read, create and play in. They have become all the rage among playgroups, parents and children alike...but how can you make your child's just a bit extra special? Well, just take a look at these top 10 ways to accessorize your child's teepee and make it stand out amongst the crowd. 1. Pillows galoreTeepees are meant to be cozy (hence, the small space). They are designed to...

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Fun ideas for your kids teepee

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When I was younger, I loved building forts and teepees with all the pillows, blankets, and seat cushions that I could gather around the house. Fortunately, there is now an easier and more stylish option of setting up kid teepees almost anywhere. Now, they can grow their imagination, learn, create, and rest all within their very own teepee play tent. We've loved hearing from customers about how their kids have been enjoying their teepees. Here are just a few ideas that you and your kids will love: Bedroom sanctuary For kids who have trouble sleeping alone or for sleepovers, add...

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