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Kids Teepees: Imagination and Fun

Tiny Hideaways provides fun and stylish kids teepees to foster the imagination and creativity of little ones. Created by moms with over a decade of making kid products and tested by kids, these teepee tents are designed to fit with your home’s decor while meeting your kid’s needs for adventure.

Customer Stories

Lana D's boys playing in their teepee 

The boys love their Tiny Hideaways tent, especially playing hide n seek and reading books inside. At some point, Axel preferred napping in it opposed to his bed.

- Lana D @landmitruks

Tristyn's girl playing in her teepee 

We love our tiny hideaways tent! My daughter and I both fit in it comfortably and she loves to read and play with her toys inside!

- Tristyn M.

Marissa's kids playing in their teepee  

Thankfully it’s not too hard to make staying indoors fun. The tent is beautifully made with sturdy wood poles, durable cotton canvas with a cute little peek-a-boo window.

-Marissa K.

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Teepee Set Up: Quick and Easy

Watch this video to see how quick and easy it is to put together a Tiny Hideaways teepee.

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